See what our customers are saying about RegistryWiseCleaner
"My best investments! I use this program a few years and pleased with results. I highly recommend to all Internet surfers. Simple and effective! Thanks." Paolo Moronic (Viareggio, IT)
"I never knew how poorly my computer was running until I ran your free scan utility. After using your software, my computer has stopped crashing and is running at least 10 times faster than it was previously." Britney K. NY
"I has tried many of registry cleaner tools, I think Registry Wise Cleaner is good, it does do a nice job cleaning your registry and easy to use. I also like its interface, it's beautiful." Ronald G. FL
"Great Application (Must have it) Clean Installer and Application. Good in repairing & fixing registry problems. Good in cleaning your computer junk. Its performance exceeds its Price." Nancy M. IL
"RWC is an absolute must for managing one of the gray areas of Windows. Immediately boost in speed and great price. A "must” have 5 stars." Truman C. Ontario, Canada
"It has made my computer run very well. I run it twice a week and it finds problems each time I run it. Norton system just didn't do the job for me." Vivian H. London, England
"I was able to solve some problems concerning Windows using Registry Wise Cleaner. So I can put a "thumb up" mark only to its developers. Its simple interface guarantees that almost any problem can be solved using this software. There was also a few 5programs that windows was not able to unintall, so RWC took care of that as well. So I can highly recommend you use this program because it will make your life easier for sure." George R. NY
"I bought the full version of Registry Wise Cleaner and it did an outstanding job and repaired many things to be exactly well worth the money." Carol W. DC
"Registry scares me. Other software inaccurately read my registry, deleting essential components needed for my system. My last scan using other software found over 200 registry "errors", correcting a handful and prompting me to delete "missing" or "invalid" entries. Registry Wise Cleaner takes the guesswork out of keeping your system clean. Unlike the other software I used, it doesn't show me an abundance of so-called errors and prompt me to tell what to do. Registry Wise Cleaner simply scans your registry, finds errors, shows you the number of errors found, and asks you whether you want them corrected. It seems to do this quite efficiently and I'm thankful to say I have not had to undo any "corrections" it's made as I've had to do with other software." Daniel J. AZ